Sunday, September 24th, 2023

You are talking about safety they are preaching #YOLO.


Every year in Ottawa we hear stories on the news about teens drinking and driving. Most teens brush it off, feeling like they will never be one of those kids. However, it only takes a second for the police to pull you over or a citizen to make a concerned driving call. A drinking and driving charge can ruin your life; however, drinking and driving itself can very well take your life.

Drinking and driving is one talk parents hate to have, right behind the birds and the bees. It is a taboo subject because we would all like to believe that our children can make more informed and appropriate decisions in life. It is hard enough to consider our teens drinking or taking drugs at all.  However, now that the summer is here and our children are craving freedom, we need to be able to sit down and talk openly about drinking and driving.

Just like when we were younger, young drivers want to feel alive and like they are living life to the fullest. However, it is hard to want to give them freedom when their biggest priorities in summer are partying, having no regrets and getting #YOLO tattooed on their inner lip.

As a parent you do need to talk to your children about drinking and driving. It is a main cause of accidents with young adults, especially in the summer. Not all accidents end in minor injuries.

To keep the dialog open between you and your children; you have to open this taboo topic. Be open and make sure they know that, “No matter where they are, what time it is or how hard they partied, you will come get them no questions asked.” With this in mind they will be a lot more willing to pick up that phone.

Here are some more ways you can help keep your children from driving while impaired.

–          Talk with other parents. Have one parent be a designated driver each weekend.

–          Give your child 20$ cab fair before they leave the house.

–          Make sure your child knows, “No matter where they are, what time it is or how hard they partied, you will come get them no questions asked”.

–          Make sure your child knows that being in the car with an impaired driver is just as bad as being the driver.

Impaired driving is a big issue; we have a book on  Fighting Drinking And Driving Charges and FAQ pages on our website to help you gain more information, whether it is for personal knowledge or helping you figure out your legal rights after a charge. To get a copy of our Fighting Drinking and Driving Charges book  email or call 613-233-4529.

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