Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Every year in Ottawa we hear stories on the news about teens drinking and driving. Most teens brush it off, feeling like they will never be one of those kids. However, it only takes a second for the police to pull you over or a citizen to make a concerned driving call. A drinking and […]

The point of any RIDE checkpoint is to prevent holiday-season impaired driving by stopping all vehicles, and checking with each occupant to determine how much alcohol has been consumed by the driver.

OTTAWA CRIMINAL DEFENCE LAWYER – According to MADD Canada, 1,000 Canadians are killed by drinking and driving each holiday season – between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This time of year sees a far higher number of drinking and driving incidents, and police will be on the lookout, so you need to be safe and […]

In Ontario, breath tests are a method frequently used by police officers to determine whether a driver should be arrested or charged for drinking and driving. Until now, drivers have been required to perform breath tests only after displaying some sign of inebriation while behind the wheel – erratic driving, for example.

In Ontario, there are three different types of charges for alcohol-related driving offences: Impaired Driving, “Over 80,” and Sample Refusal. Depending on the situation, police officers can arrest you on just one of these charges, or they can charge you with multiple. For example, one arrest could lead to both “Over 80” and “Impaired Driving” charges.