Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Summary of Police Allegations Against Shannon

On the morning of November 8, 2009, a police officer was called to a car accident on Donoghue Road in North Grenville. The driver had hit a hydro pole. When the officer arrived on scene, he identified the driver of the vehicle, who told him that she had swerved to hit a deer. The driver explained that she had been driving back to Ottawa from a friend’s home.

The officer noted that he could detect an odour of alcohol coming from the vehicle. When questioned about alcohol consumption, the driver told the officer she had been drinking alcohol the previous night, but had since been able to get four hours of sleep.

The officer demanded and then conducted a breath test using a road side screening device. The driver registered an ‘F’ or fail. The driver was arrested and she stated that she did not have a lawyer, at which point the officer told her he would contact duty counsel for her.

After the driver was taken by police cruiser to the detachment, the driver spoke with Duty Counsel and then was handed over to a technician for another breath test. The technician stated that the first test’s reading was 151 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, and the second test’s reading was 139 mg of alcohol in 11 ml of blood.

During the morning, the driver requested that police check her purse for an amount of money. They did not find the money in question but found marijuana in the purse. The officer advised the driver that she would also be charged with possession of marijuana.